Bring Back Shop Class


Who we are

Motogo builds confidence by providing a hands-on introduction to real world problem solving & critical thinking through the tangible avenue of motorcycle maintenance.

What we do

We bring the generations of skill-building once learned in our grandfathers’ garages into the classroom. Through an industrial arts curriculum centered on a getting-your-hands-dirty application, students learn proper tool usage, measurement, calculations and small engine operation and maintenance.

Why we do it

Higher learning and vocational careers should not exist as mutually exclusive entities. ALL students benefit from understanding how machines work. Many schools don’t have the resources to offer shop class in-house, or transport students to an off-site location. Motogo meets students where they are.


 In 2017, Skidmark Garage launched a non-profit branch of the garage and launched our first program, Motogo Mobile Shop Class. Taking concepts already happening in the garage, Motogo will bring shop class on wheels to schools. Rooted in a makers-based approach to hands-on learning, Motogo is bringing shop class back to junior high and high school students. Motogo meets students where they are, and introduces basic hand-tool skills through motorcycle building and engine maintenance. Skills like metric and standard measurement mirror curriculum happening in STEM classrooms. Understanding combustion and gapping spark plugs will provide skills diversifying student resumes, opening an entirely new avenue of career opportunities. Students will learn leadership and stick-to-itiveness though hands-on problem solving in a non-traditional setting.


Program Strategy

  • Motogo brings shop class to schools in 3 different formats. 1-a semester long intensive program, 5 days, 2-a quarter long program, 1 day a week, or 3-to community organizations and recreations centers through Motogo Light, a 1 day pop-up program.

  • Students gain flex credit in Science/Math in a curriculum mirroring STEAM objectives

  • A metric and standard measurement, combustion comprehension, and tool identification/usage pre-test and post test are given to assess growth

  • Students in the semester intensive program document their motorcycle build in a video blog sharing program with 2 other schools in their cohort, working on the same motorcycle

  • The semester ends with a running motorcycle, and a comprehensive understanding of a whole slew of skills!




Thank you!

Thank you to all the folks who supported putting tools back in the hands of our students through our first annual “Bringin’ Back Shop Class” Benefit! Check out the above video to learn about folks in Cleveland who believe in Motogo.